Photo of a Glucose SIBO breath test

Buy a Hydrogen and Methane SIBO Breath test


This safe and easy to do at home Smart SIBO test kit includes everything you need to be able to investigate whether SIBO is the cause of your current digestive and health problems.

Your test kit will come with full instructions and a link to a video about collecting your breath samples but do let us know if you have any questions when it arrives as we are happy to help.

Results will be returned to you with a full interpretation within 10 days of the lab receiving your samples.


Most people are happy to do the test at home but If you would prefer to attend the lab in central London to complete the test there is an option to do this at the checkout for a further cost of £35.00.

Buy a Hydrogen and Methane SIBO Breath test

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Preparation for the test

You will be sent full instructions with your Smart SIBO test kit. To do the test you will need to follow a prep diet for 1 day, or if constipated 2 days before the Smart SIBO test and then you will need to fast overnight before doing the test. Water is allowed whilst fasting. Your instructions include details about which foods you can eat and provide a meal plan as well.

On the day of the test

In the morning you will take a control breath sample and then drink the solution provided with the test kit. You then collect a breath sample every 20 minutes for the next 3 hours. After the last sample has been collected you can then eat and drink as normal.

Returning your samples

The lab we use prefer samples to be returned by guaranteed next day delivery. Unfortunately as Royal Mail will not allow us to supply you with pre paid guaranteed delivery packaging so you will need to arrange and pay for this. Your package will however come with an addressed envelope.

Samples need to arrive back at the lab within 7 days of completing the samples.
The vials can be posted by airmail should you be outside the UK.

Getting your results 

Once processed (using the certified Quintron equipment) your results will be plotted on a graph. A rise in either hydrogen, methane or both at inappropriate points on the graph will demonstrate fermentation and the presence of bacterial overgrowth – SIBO.

We send out your results and let you know if your results are positive for hydrogen or methane SIBO. We also send a test interpretation guide which you can share with your GP or health care provider.

We are also happy to refer you to the IBSandSIBOclinics should you want help treating your SIBO or other digestive problems

Additional information

Weight 306 g
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 8.5 cm



We would like to reassure you that we are still operating during these difficult times for everyone. Our labs is still processing test orders and results are being released as normal but may be a day or two late. Please pay close attention to instructions for returning samples and preferably send samples earlier in the week in case of postal/courier delays. Time frames for returning samples – For tests bought in the last 3 months we are extending the time frame for returning samples to 9 months and will review this on an on going basis.